Night Subscription

The Subscription allows to park a car every day of the month, at NIGHT hours : from 8:00 pm to 9:00 am Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays : park 24 hours

Choose the start date of validity of your Subscription: if you do not say anything, it will be the date of the purchase

Choose the months of validity of your Subscription: the prices per day decrease according to the contracted months

Night Subscription

PriceFrom €60.00
VAT Included
  • The subscription is without assignation of place .

    If you park after or before contracted hours, you can not compensate them with those of another day. You must go through the ATM to pay the " exceeded " time

    You may come in and go out as many times as needed during contracted hours.

  • The opening is by license plates reading cameras. When reaching the barrier, it will open automatically.

    If the barrier does not open (dirty, dented license plates, etc.), take the ticket from the dispenser and stop by the control station.

    To avoid any incident, it is recommended to go through the control station and to grab a physical card of your subscription